This very well respected "Winnipeg Limousine" and "Shuttle Van" Service Company will provide all types of vehicles, from Sedans to Super Stretch SUV Limos for Weddings and Celebrations, Airport Shuttle Van or Limo Ground Transportation Service, Private or Corporate Group Events, and many other Special Occasions.
"You have found the Best Shuttle and Limo Service in this City!"

"Door to Door" Shuttles to or from "Winnipeg Airport" and any Hotel, Lodge, Resort, Golf Club Courses, Arenas, Schools or Universities, Residences and Communities. City or Rural service available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Local States.

We will provide
"Award Winning" and friendly "Superior Customer Service" to You and Your Guests at competitive prices, with our very Best VIP Service Reputation!

A Professional Chauffeur will personally meet and greet you at home or upon your arrival at any of our Airports, Bus Station, or Train Terminal and assist you with your luggage retrieval, terminal amenities, refreshments or any of your needs or concerns.

  We are a
"Regulated and Fully-Insured" transportation provider for service anywhere in Canada and also cross-border USA.
Our Drivers are also professionally trained, licensed, bonded and screened by Police, MTB and all applicable Government Authorities. Our vehicles are all Gov. certified and inspected.

Our Limousine & Shuttle Service is used by many different Entertainers, Actors, Actresses, Celebrities and VIP'S from around the World while working or visiting in the Winnipeg Area. You will receive the same service and vehicles that they were driven in. They choose us because they know they can trust us.
You don't have to live in Hollywood to be treated like a Celebrity!

Specializing in Luxury Executive Sedans, Stretch Limos, Super Stretch SUV Limo, Executive SUV, Large Shuttle Vans & Buses.
Example Events and Destinations
Just let our office know what you will require and a friendly and professional Driver will arrive at the door of your location and transport you and your guests to and from your destination safely, and timely without worry. Please email us for pictures.
We have a strictly enforced
"NO-SMOKING POLICY" in order to provide our customers with clean fresh-air and an allergy free environment.
Please ask about our
"All Day Executive Discounts."

"You can depend on our Award Winning Superior Customer Service and trust all the driving and travel arrangements to us!"
We are also listed with the
"Local Chamber of Commerce."

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Thank You Very Much

"SUPERIOR SERVICE" - That's Our Bottom Line

Communication is a key to our success!

Phone (204) 981-0981
On a "Personal Note" with some "Valuable Advice" for you;
We always have very nice, clean, regularly maintained vehicles and Professional Drivers with total knowledge of all areas, sites and locations.
If you are only looking for the cheapest rates, with sub-standard service, you won't find that here. There are plenty of services where they may offer you a cheaper price, but
"You will only get what you pay for" in our business. You and your guests won't be very impressed and you will learn that you just have to pay a little more to get the quality of service you really expect. With "Special Occasions" you might not want to take that chance. If you are going to the Airport, we make sure that you arrive there on-time for your flight. When you are returning, we follow your flight on "Our Exclusive On-Line Real-Time Flight Tracking System" so that "We will be there for you - No matter what it takes!"
We also strongly believe in
"Word of Mouth Advertising" as it is always the best marketing/advertising tool you can get and we know it works great for us.
If you have any questions please let me know - Thank You, Richard
Picture of Richard with one of our "Very Happy Wedding Couples" exiting Our "Beautiful Black - Super Stretch SUV Limo" with a party of 12 more people right behind them. This Limo is the perfect way to transport a large group of up to 14 people all day long. It's like a "Rolling Living Room" with larger doors, windows and a higher cieling than regular stretch limos for easier entry and exit as well.
This Black Stretch SUV Limo was also featured in the "Wonderful Wedding Show" for the Winnipeg Free Press News advertising insert at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.
"This Limo is the only one available in this color, size and model in Winnipeg or Manitoba."
Photo credit by: Manual Sousa Professional Photography
                To all of our Valued Existing and New Customers


Our Company was previously Listed with the
"Better Business Bureau" of Manitoba" aka; "BBB" until Nov 2011 where Our Company had aquired an "A" Membership Rating, along with absulutely no complaints from any of our customers. They now have us particularly and we believe maliciously listed on their website as; "Not an Accredited Member" in an attempt to punish us for withdrawing our membership.
The reason we are no longer members is due to their breach of contract and lack of respect for "Canada's Privacy Laws," so therefore we have purposely terminated our relationship with this entity.
We realized recently that the "BBB" was devulging and posting some personal company information along with confidential staff addresses without our permission on their website, which is strictly against our security policy. We made a complaint to them with a request to remove this information from the "BBB" website, which was also an infraction of our contract agreement. This request was eventually demanded by us, but repeatedly ignored by the BBB. They refused to remove the confidential information stating that; "The Head Office of the BBB was now in the USA and therefore they do not have to abide by Canada's Privacy Laws which have no jurisdiction in their State."
Of course we do not agree with this excuse for an illegal practice, but to avoid the cost of legal action and associated waste of time, we just decided to no longer be a member of the "BBB" service. We found that the only way that they would remove our confidential information from their website was for us to terminate our listing and revoke our yearly $250. membership fees to them. Who needs this type of expensive service, which really
does nothing to help a business anyway? Especially if your business has no customer issues or complaints. This also places the value of this service in a serious question of validity and necessity. 

We would urge any other companies that are listed and especially paying members of this organization to;
Please check on the existence or amount of personal and confidential information about your company or your employees which may be illegally available to the public on the "BBB Website." Then decide on what action you should take.

Ironically, for a service that is supposed to represent "Credibility" and to mediate any potential business disputes between two parties, we found that trying to resolve this issue numerous times with the "Better Business Bureau itself" was very disturbing and ultimately unsucessful for us.
So, due to our commitment to protect Our Employees Privacy, we are confident that this was the right decision for us to take. We are now very much relieved that we are no longer associated with this ignorant service.
But the lesson we learned is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"We should never have joined the BBB in the first place!"  
If any of our customers have our previous advertising which contains the "
BBB" logo, please disregard this former association with our company, as our new business advertising material does not contain any reference to the membership or legitimacy of that enterprise.
"New Winnipeg James Richardson International Airport Terminal"                  
Please have a look at  our Brand New Airport Terminal which is featured on a live recorded "CTV NEWS Video Tour" from the opening day on Sunday Oct 30, 2011.

This is a 2 minute News Video of our Beautiful New Airport Terminal which was over 6 years in the making. In this Video you will see
Our CEO - "Richard Kubara" who was the very "First Limousine Driver" to be working there on the opening morning in our very nice new Black Cadillac DTS Luxury Limo Sedan (only one in WInnipeg).

We are very impressed with the final outcome and design of the New Terminal, as It is much easier to drive in or out when chauffeuring Our Customers to or from our Private Reserved Commercial Parking Area.

It will surely impress all Visitors to Winnipeg as it contributes in a very big way to the "Growing New Image of Our City" that it represents, as well as all of the "Very Proud People" who live and work here in this "Great City in the Heart of Canada!"

Please click on this
"Link to the Video" and then when you are at the CTV site, just click on the next Link where it says "CTV > NEWS on the Blue Screen."

PS; "Don't forget to come back to our site to book your reservation with us!"   

Thank You Very Much.

Phone (204) 981-0981